The Quranic Method Of Curing Alcholism & Drug Addiction

We are in fact witnessing a critical moment in history when alcoholism and drug addiction are about to emerge as such horrendous monsters as would consume the very heart of society and reduce society to a miserable wretch. What we have so far witnessed is but the 'tip of the iceberg'.
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We hasten to explain that modernity, or the modern age, refers to the way of life that emerged in modern western civilization after that Christian civilization was exquisitely seduced by Dajjal Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj into abandoning the religious way of life and into embracing the secular model of society. Since godless modernity is now embracing nearly all of the rest of mankind, — black, white, brown, yellow, etc., alcoholism and drug addiction are becoming a truly universal problem for the first time in history.

We have adopted the approach of al-Ihsan or Tasawwuf for our study because only such an approach delivers the Haqiqah (reality) of the growing problem of alcoholism and drug addiction in the godless modern age. What is that reality?

When they corrupted the Word of Allah, Most High, they planted an evil seed. It appears to those who pursue the Islamic spiritual quest that Allah responded by allowing that evil seed to grow, in the last age, into a great evil tree which none can cut down. He has allowed the plague of alcohol and other drugs to afflict mankind as a fitting punishment for that scriptural crime. Malcolm X would have declared of that alcoholism and drug addiction in the secularized western way of life, — a way of life delivered from the womb of corrupted Truth in EuroChristianity and Judaism, that it was a case of chickens coming home to roost.